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iCMS App


The revolutionary ABDi iCMS app combines the latest smart-device technology with ABDi’s professional experience and programming creativity. It was developed exclusively by Applications by Design to assist gatehouse staff to more effectively handle busy visitor lanes. iCMS by ABDi allows your gatehouse personnel to handle busy visitor entrances by giving them the ultimate mobile tool. Pressured contractors and impatient visitors can be processed directly at their respective vehicles as far as 300 feet from the gatehouse itself; using the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch WiFi capability.

It allows the gatehouse officer to use the device's on-board camera to document a photograph of the visitor along with the details of the vehicle he/she is driving.

iCMS functions include multiple search criteria to display resident guest lists, speed-dial functionality (iPhone cellular activation is necessary), and even visitor pass capability (with the purchase of an optional mobile thermal printer).

iCMS functions with ABDI’s Call Authorization, Video Capture and Gate Control optional modules.



Available on the App Store