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Handheld Units

Handheld Unit

ABDI’s Handheld Units were developed to give gatehouse staff the mobility to process visitor into the community at curbside. Guards have the flexibility to remain in the gatehouse or walk out to greet potential guests. Best of all; the Handheld Workstations utilize ABDI’s CMS software and all of the features that it provides. The Handheld Workstations may be used in combination with a traditional PC based system to provide the ultimate in flexibility in processing guests into the property.

ABDI‘s Handheld Workstations have been designed using stringent Military Specifications (MIL-STD 810F). As a security measure, the Handhelds are configured as a thin-client to the CMS Server so no data is stored locally. The guard navigates the user-friendly CMS database by using the touch-screen, pop-up onscreen keyboard or by touching the stylus pen on the digitizer display that includes handwriting recognition.





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