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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we reduce traffic backup at the manned gate during peak hours?

ABDI’s CMS software is fast! In fact a guest can be processed into the community and issued a guest pass complete with turn-by-turn directions to your house in seconds. To further speed up the process of admitting guests, CMS also remembers your guest’s vehicle information if they’ve already been to the community. CMS can even automatically dial the resident’s telephone number if they forgot to call in their guest ahead of time. ABDI’s ScanFast ID Drivers License Scanner and Drivers License Recorder Modules are also designed to further decrease the time required to log in visitors.

However, long traffic lines usually result from a number of factors not related to the systems processing speed. For example, the guest call-in process, guard post orders and even the guardhouse configuration can contribute to traffic backup. ABDI’s has experience with thousands of gated communities, which enables us to evaluate your entire process to identify problems and recommend the best, most affordable solution.

How can residents notify the gatehouse when they expect a guest?

Residents can have the flexibility to use the Internet or their telephone to authorize guests. ABDI’s Resident Web Package can be used when the resident has access to a computer. A link to our secure gateaccess.net website may be added to your community’s webpage. From here residents can enter and delete guests, obtain a report of who has been granted access to their property, send the guard a note or even let them know that they will be out of town.

If the resident prefers or doesn’t have access to a computer, they can use our Call Authorization System to leave a voicemail for the guards. When his or her guest arrives, the guard listens to the resident’s message and processes them into the community. Call Authorization automates the call-in process and eliminates the need for guards to answer the telephone so they can concentrate on greeting guests. No more paying a someone to answer the telephone!

How can we hold our security guards accountable?

All users are given a unique username and password to access the CMS software. Therefore everything that is done in the software is tracked back the user. Supervisors can determine what guard admitted a specific guest or modified a record. Guards on the graveyard shift (typically 10pm to 6am) can even be prompted to periodically enter their password to ensure that they are awake and on post.

Our gatehouse has frequent turnover. How difficult is it to train new staff?

ABDI’s software is extremely easy to use. In fact entry-level guards with no computer experience can be trained to use the software in minutes, not hours or days. ABDI can even install a module on a computer in your guard service’s training room. This allows your guard service to train your guards before they are stationed at your community.

What happens if we lose Internet Service?

Unlike other systems available on the market that are completely dependent on the Internet, ABDI’s CMS software remains operational when service is out. Guards can continue processing guests into the community. The Residents can also continue to use their access control devices (transponders, barcodes, etc.) to enter the community through the resident gates.

Is there anything we can do to discourage construction theft?

ABDI’s ScanFast ID Drivers License Scanner and Driver’s License Recorder modules are designed for just this purpose. Your guards can request to see the driver’s license of all potential guests or just contractors and vendors. ScanFast ID allows driver’s license to be quickly scanned into the CMS software, capturing the information and a digital picture of the license itself. This increases the contractor’s feeling of accountability and acts as a deterrent to construction theft. ScanFast ID also works with Military IDs and Green Cards. The Driver’s License Recorder module reads the magnetic stripe on the driver’s license to capture visitor information.

Our association has a tight budget, can ABDI help?

ABDI’s systems are extremely affordable – only pennies a day per household! We offer flexible payment terms ranging from purchasing the system upfront to our EZ-Pay Plan that greatly reduces the initial capital expenditure. With EZ-Pay, your community pays monthly payments over 36, 48 or 60 months – you decide. We can even give you an amortization schedule so you can pay-off the system early as your budget permits. To ensure that your system remains state of the art for the years to come, ABDI can even replace your computer hardware every three years as part of your contract renewal.

We do things differently than other communities, can ABDI accommodate us?

ABDI understands that each community is unique. A cookie cutter solution might work for some (or even most), but not for all. In recognition of this fact, we will customize our software to suit your community’s special needs.

How can we help our Roving Patrol officers be more efficient?

ABDI’s Mobile Workstations for Roving Patrols are the perfect solution. The CMS software is installed on a laptop computer with a cellular networking card. This gives the roving patrol guard complete access to the CMS database from anywhere on the property that has cellular service. The roving patrol guard can identify vehicles or complete incident reports, field investigation reports, house check forms and open garage door reports in their vehicles while they are onsite. They can even print citations in their vehicle.

The distance between our guardhouse and the guest lane is quite far. How can we make it easier for our guards to process guests into the community?

ABDI offers a variety of wireless Handheld Units that give your guards the freedom to leave the guardhouse to process guests into the community. The community is free to select the device that best suits its specific needs. Depending of the solution selected, your guards have complete access to all of CMS’s features within 300 feet from the gatehouse or anywhere on property. They can even print guest passes with directions at curbside with a mobile printer that they wear on their belt.

Our local police department doesn’t respond to home security alarms. What can we do?

ABDI’s Alarm Receiver System can monitor home security and fire alarms. Your resident’s home system can be programmed to call an alarm receiver that we furnish for the community. Since the alarm receiver is integrated with our CMS software, the alarm condition can be broadcast throughout the CMS network. The community’s security department or roving patrol can be dispatched to the home as a first response.