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Access Control Panels

Continental Access

Reliability is the most important aspect of an access control system.  If the system isn’t working, the residents are inconvenienced and the guard staff and community manager take the heat.  ABDI partners with Continental Access Systems to offer the most reliable access control solution available for gated communities.  Continental controller panels operate independently to control access at the vehicular/pedestrian gates or amenity doors.  A computer is only needed for system programming and reporting. 

ABDI’s Gate/Amenity Control Module provides a seamless interface between the CMS and Continental access control software.  Each access control device can be programmed to operate at specific locations (access levels) and on specific dates or times (time zones).  Residents can be granted access at all locations and times.  The device can be deactivated in seconds if a resident moves out of the community, sells their vehicle or simply loses their device.  Contractors, vendors, employees and frequent guest can be restricted to entering specific locations during days/times specified by the community.  The possibilities are endless.

All data input, device activation or deactivation and reporting is done using the CMS software.  The system can even announce the name of people entering the community through the resident lane by playing an audio .wav file!


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