About ABDi

Ease of Use: Frequent security guard turnover is a fact of life in a gated community.  This attrition, coupled with the reality that many guards have limited computer skills, can pose a major problem.  ABDi’s software is extremely intuitive and easy to learn.  In fact, the training time required for an entry level guard is measured in minutes, not hours or even days.

Experience: ABDi's client base of over 500 communities range in size from a single gate location with a few homes to 12 gate locations and 18,000 residents.  This broad experience allows us to anticipate and avoid potential problems to complete even the most complicated installations in a matter of days

Customizable: We understand that each community is unique.  A cookie cutter solution might work for some (or even most), but not for all.  In recognition of this fact, ABDi will customize our software to suit your community’s special needs.

Integration: ABDi’s software seamlessly integrates with all popular access control systems, thus allowing you to select the device that best suits your application.  Radio Frequency (RF) transponders, barcodes, License Plate Recognition (LPR) and serialized transmitters are available for vehicular access.  Photo-IDs or proximity cards can be used to control access to your community’s amenities or through pedestrian gates.  ABDi can even interface with your management software to eliminate the need to maintain multiple databases

 Modular and Expandable: Every ABDi system is engineered based on the community’s specifications.  Since community wants and needs change frequently as a result of new priorities and circumstances, ABDi offers numerous useful modules that can be included in the initial system installation or added in the future.

 Real-time Networking: Changes made in the CMS database are instantly available at every location.  ABDi can network your system via broadband Internet service, fiber-optic cable, wireless mesh or hard-wire.

  Flexible Payment Plans:  Your community can select the payment plan that is right for it. The community can purchase the system outright or, if minimizing your initial capital expenditure is a priority, you can select our EZ-Pay Plan and pay in monthly installments - the choice is yours!

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Products: ABDi’s software was developed by a former security officer that worked in a gated community similar to yours. Since its inception in 1996, the software has evolved to its present form based on feedback from numerous community managers, board/committee members and security professionals.  ABDi’s product line is the most technologically advanced and comprehensive in the market.

Reliability: It doesn’t matter how great a product is if it doesn’t work consistently.  In a gated community, if the security software or access control system isn’t working, the security guards and community manager take the heat.  ABDi’s solutions are designed with the worst-case scenario in mind to keep your system up and running.

Service: No matter how well a computer system works, problems can still happen.  Our existing clients attest to the fact that ABDi’s service is the best in the industry.  In most cases, system repairs are made without the need for an onsite service call.